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The other day we had a 3rd party complain about possible PR rank leaking issues from a link. PR rank leak is when a keyword is losing PR rank on a page or site due to an external link(s) on the site. I thought I would show a couple of simple ways to fix this possible issue.

The easiest way to fix this is by using rel="nofollow" on your anchor tag. This will tell the search engine robot not to follow the link. since the robot doesn’t follow the link your are fixing 99% of the possible issue this way. The reason I only give it a 99% fix is that Google still tracks where the user click through the Google cookie that is set every time you go to Google.

note: one might think that a simple JavaScript could delete the cookie, but I haven’t yet tested to see if Google might find that as malicious code.

Fix this issue is using JavaScript to display the link with document.write. Google has a hard time indexing Java Script content so this will help make it difficult for Google to index the content of the link.

Another way to fix this issue is by using JavaScript to display the link onComplete. If you use display:none; on the link until the page is loaded Google will most likely not index the link. This is because an old Black Hat SEO technique was to hide a huge list of links that only the search engine robots will see. To fight against this Google stopped indexing page content that is set to display none.

Last of all you can make the link an image rather than text so Google has less content to index the link with.

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