Take Your Internet Marketing To The Top

Peak Studios Internet Marketing Experts will customize a marketing mix for you so that you can effectively reach your target market online within your given budget.

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Peak Studios Experts Specialize in Many Areas of Internet Marketing

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Television Campaigns
  • Social Network Marketing (only recommended for specific industries)

3 Steps to a Business Internet Success

1. Build

When building your website there are many things Peak Studios will take into consideration. Our experienced design and development teams understand & analyze the many factors that go into effective internet marketing. Our team understands how to reach any marketing goal that you may have. Simply put, we have the expertise to bring the consumer to you.

2. Marketing

Internet marketing is identical to marketing in the real world, it consumes the entire computer experience. That’s why Peak Studios offers many Internet Marketing options that have been proven successful in many different industries. Don’t spend money on a website if you don’t plan to use it’s power to your advantage. We offer preset and custom Internet marketing plans at an affordable price. Call us today to learn more.

3. Convert

Great, you have a website, you have marketing and you have potential consumers looking at your website. Now is the time to convert that potential consumer into a customer. Peak Studios Specializes in looking at your product or service and optimizing your website to convert the desired goal. This is the number one area other internet marketing and web design companies forget about.

Internet Marketing Trainings

Peak Studios offers comprehensive training to teach small business owners how to market online. We go through the dos and don’ts of internet marketing starting with your Google Places account (how to get to page one while following Google’s Guidelines. Second, together, we will review your website to make sure it is helps you get not only the right client to your website but also making sure when they are there they are doing what you want them to (calling, purchasing, filling out a form, having fun, etc..). After reviewing your website we will go over organic search engine optimization (SEO) in this process we’ll show you which meta tags you should be using for your business as well as the content on your website & links (link building) & any other processes that we know will increase the SEO of your website. We then will take a look at social media and how it relates to your industry. Finally we will look at Google Adwords and we will teach you how to setup and manage an account. This is a hands on course and the content will be customized for your business/industry.

We also work with franchises like Chem-Dry and N-Hance offering them custom packages for all of their internet marketing needs.

If you would like a custom quote for us or would like internet marketing training for your industry or franchisees please call our sales office at (303) 819-3968