Internet Marketing

Organic Search Engine Optimization is the main goal for most internet based companies. Everyone who owns a website wants their website to show up on the first page of Google. The problem is how does someone get their website to the first page of Google and how long it will take to get there?

Organic SEO is the internet marketing method that takes the longest. It usually takes about 12 to 18 months depending on the keywords you are targeting. Organic SEO is also usually the most expensive form of internet marketing with a low initial ROI, however once you reach page one, it is very inexpensive to maintain and your ROI becomes very high.

Peak Studios Organic Search Engine Optimization Experts work with our clients to help them reach their goals by creating a custom plan with our Clients to fit their budget. After a comprehensive consultation of their current website we are able to make the correct changes and recommendations, so we can guide them to the peak of internet marketing success.

The main goal of Local Internet marketing is to Increase your web presence locally. There have been a ton of changes over the last 2 years, from the submission and optimization of local search services to where people are looking when they are searching for a local product or service. Peak Studios has a process of submission and optimization that will make paid listings like Yellow Pages a thing of the past. It is reported that Google alone gets more than 100 million searches a day. This isn’t including including Yahoo, MSN (Bing) , AOL and ASK. This means that Google is searching over 60 times the volume of all the yellow page companies together. Some of our clients have had such success that they actually have removed their yellow page ad completely – reducing their marketing costs by $30,000 plus a year!

Peak Studios offers managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We help you set up your campaign to reach your target audience within a set internet marketing budget. The advantage to PPC over other internet marketing options is that it is immediate. You will be able to drive customers to your website the same day, However in the long run this is the most expensive internet marketing option there is.

Peak Studios PPC campaign managers work with both small local companies and large national and international corporations. Depending on the type of company you have this can be very expensive or relatively inexpensive. We have many clients who have found that using PPC in their internet marketing mixture is very effective and many clients who replaced their yellow page ads with PPC campaigns; which is actually saving them thousands of dollars a year, while increasing their customer base!

Social networking is the fastest growing form of internet marketing. There are many ways to use social networking as an internet marketing tool. Many clients have had success with having us create an icons on their websites that direct customers to social sites such as Twitter or Facebook, but we have found that actually posting your new content on these pages is much more effective.

Creating an application to run on Facebook or other social networking sites is another option. There are few companies that have gotten this extensive with social media and while it is more expensive, the end result is that your sites information will show up on peoples Facebook pages all over. As an example of this imagine if Ebay created an application so you could track your current bids on your Facebook profile page. You are writing about your day on Facebook and you notice your bid is now not the highest, you simply type in your new bid amount and click submit and you are now back in the lead. On the other side, lets say your friend Jim is looking at your Facebook profile he would see that you were selling an item and could bid on it right there as long as he was also a member of Ebay on Facebook! As far as we know this application does not exist yet, but that is the future of the internet and the direction we see successful internet companies going!