Flash PHP MySQL Panel PRO V2.2

New release Version 2.2 (works with Flash CS3 and CS4)

The Flash PHP MySQL Flash panel extension creates:

  • Copy and paste capabilities which include, select, insert, update and delete functions for AS2 & AS3
  • Embedded Peak Studios AS2 & AS3 classes
  • PHP files for MySQL connection and queries
  • A simple publish profile

New features include:

  • New: Test your code in the Flash IDE.
  • New in 2.1: Use Join, Union or Aliases in your table variable
  • New in 2.1: where clause operators can be used in like array =, <>, < , >, < =, >=, =, <>, >, < , <=, >=, BETWEEN, LIKE, IN. You can put TABLE (i.e =TABLE) after any of the operators to use a table field in the what array value. This upgrade adds functionality to select, update and delete classes.
  • New in 2.1: Code is generated into functions.

This is a very easy extension to use. Once you start using it, it will save you hours of time connecting your database to Flash. The panel generates the code , and you simply paste the code into your actions layer. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is set the input data in simple arrays and tell the return function what to do with your results. Use it an infinite amount of times in a single file.