Avalon Homecare

Avalon Homecare
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Avalon Home care wanted a fresh look and feel that would make it easier for potential customers to contact them either online or on the phone. This site was built with converting potential customers into customers!

Key Features:

  • Priority placement of phone number
  • Free in-home “Caresultation” form
  • Custom written content
  • Ongoing maintenance

Lovely Bay View Salon

Lovely Bay View
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Lovely Salon wanted a custom look and feel that gave the same comforting feeling to their internet users that their salon does. It allows customers to book online or learn about new products, specials, events and services that are offered at their salon.

Key features:

  • WordPress Content management
  • Custom photo gallery
  • Rotating images on homepage
  • Custom look, feel and coloring
  • Real time online scheduling
  • Ongoing maintenance

N-Hance Corporate Website

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The primary goal of this was to bring in a new design that had higher conversion rate, more direct calls to action and a much more user friendly site. The website is built in WordPress MU a very user friendly CMS (content management system). N-Hance wanted all of their franchisees to have their own Microsite that could display their own custom gallery, testimonials, coupons, unique content and wanted it to have a high SEO ranking for relevant searches both locally and nationally.

Key Features:

  • Strong call to action
  • Increase the simplicity for the end user
  • User friendly CMS (content management system)
  • Great national and local SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Easily add new franchise locations
  • Geo target franchise areas
  • A before and after photo gallery for each franchise microsite
  • All within one URL for branding purposes
  • Continual maintenance and franchise support
  • Franchisee online and in person trainings

Scan Our Business

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This website was built with ease of customer management in mind. Using our custom management system, each customer can fully edit their mobile site, crerate a custom QR code and order prints.

Key features:

  • Custom QR code Generator
  • Merchant account
  • Custom store
  • Creates mobile webistes for subscribers
  • Professional printer friendly image formats
  • Custom control pannel for clients to easily manage their information

Assert Yourself Templates for Carpet Cleaners

We do all of the internet marketing for our assert yourself clients & our new appear program that uses the same websites but only focuses on PPC (pay per click). We also build and manage your websites! These examples are for carpet cleaning companies on our internet marketing programs.

Key Features:

  • Built in WordPress
    • Outputs HTML dynamically
    • User friendly CMS (content management system)
    • RSS feed
    • Easy to add a blog
    • Can input information from parent companies database
    • Quickly change coupons and and testimonials
  • Built for the highest level of conversions
  • Better organic and local optimization
  • Excellent for use with Google Adwords
    • Higher quality scores
    • Higher ROI
  • Customizable for each franchise
  • Uses white hat SEO (peak studios will not use any black hat SEO techniques)
  • Built for the end user to easily and quickly find information
  • Mobile website included
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization

View any of these sites on your mobile device to view their mobile template.

Template 1 (Chem-Dry of Boulder)

Chem-Dry Franchise Template 1
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Template 2 (Allaire Chem-Dry)

Allaire Chem-Dry
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Template 3 (Air Fresh Chem-Dry)

Air Fresh Chem-Dry
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