Chem-Dry Microsites

These Carpet cleaning website templates were created for Chem-Dry. Microsites are built so they can be easily updated by the franchise owner or their web design and development team. In addition Chem-Dry wanted them to be easily optimized and edited through a database, not just organically, but also for local searches. After much discussion these custom templates were built to the exact specifications requested by Chem-Dry to fulfill all of their wants and needs within their set budget.

The Franchisee can simply log in and edit many items simply and easily or the more advanced user can do custom edits to the microsite for that specific franchise.

Key Features:

  • Easily manage coupons, testimonials, images, content and meta tags
  • Mobile website for each microsite
  • Peak PPC fraud protection
  • Peak Stats and tracking
  • Keep Chem-Dry branded
  • Increase the conversion rate for online customers
  • Compatible in multiple browsers
  • Each franchisee can have their own URL
  • Continual maintenance and franchise support
  • Franchisee online and in person trainings

Chem-Dry of Seattle
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Home Pride Chem-Dry
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Five Star Chem-Dry
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Peninsula Chem-Dry
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Chem-Dry of Arlington and Alexandria
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Miner's Chem-Dry
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Veteran's Chem-Dry
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Joanne's Chem-Dry
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Performance Chem-Dry NC
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